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Board of Directors [edit]

Kye mug.PNG Kye Flannery
Executive Director
Billy Nelson
RD mug.png R.D. Childers
Director of Operations
Flippest mug.png Philip "Flip" Kromer
Director of Human Resources
Drew250.png Drew Montgomery
Director of Education
Eric250.png Eric Peterson
Director of Facilities
ValWood250.png Valerie Grace
Director of Administration
Joe Ngo.png Joe Ngo
Director of Public Relations

Our Denizens

Danny Miller.png Danny Miller

Our Founders

Board Martin Bogomolni.jpg Martin Bogomolni
Person-outline.png Ratha Grimes
Person-outline.png Matt McCabe
Person-outline.png Mike Rich

Director Roles

Executive Director ( “Chairman” )

  • Responsible for the day-to-day organization and all departments
  • Voice of the organization to the public, signs off on public announcements
  • Acquires new investors and identifies revenue streams for the Co-op

Director of Operations ("Ops")

  • Plans, and coordinates the operations and activities of the co-op
  • Establish and implement co-op goals, procedures and policies
  • Develops and executes new hackerspace services from start to finish

Director of Administration ("Secretary")

  • Manages the overall daily office operations , and vendor relationships
  • Company record-keeper for documents and meeting minutes
  • Company announcements

Director of Finance ("Treasurer")

  • Manages the financial resources of the company, future resource planning
  • Maintains the Budget, disburses funds, accepts payments
  • Files taxes, and prepares and supervises financial reports

Director of Human Resources ( “Ombudsman” )

  • Primary contact regarding member needs, both positive and negative
  • Directs membership drives, public relations, recruiting, and staffing
  • Coordinates w/ special visitors, plans tours, and ‘fun’ activities
  • Develops policies for member safety, welfare, wellness and health

Director of Facilities ("Shop Boss")

  • Infrastructure chief, in charge of tool acquisition and facility management
  • Safety inspector, responsible for policies regarding facility access
  • Maintains a safe, clean, and useable work environment for the membership

Director of Education (“Dean”)

  • Class organizer, schedules classes and instructors
  • Chief of certification, developing curriculums and safety courses
  • Responsible for educating new and old members about the culture of ‘excellence’