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ATXHS Classes

This page will help you discover, the classes we offer at the ATXHS. You can find what classes we're currently offering by scrolling down to the bottom of this page and scroll though the calendar, or add the class calendar to your own Google Calendar.


  • All classes at ATXHS are offered and administered by the individual instructors teaching the course.
  • Contact the instructor directly at the email address provided in the course description on the Google Calendar
  • Class size, tuition, cancellation policies, sign up deadlines are all set by the individual instructors. Contact them directly to find out their expectations.
  • All instructors at the ATXHS are Independent Contractors. The ATXHS makes no guarantees, and accepts no liability for content of the individual classes.
  • If you have an issue during one of the classes contact the Dean of Education at


Pick a class on the class calendar, and email the instructor giving the class. They will instruct you if they have a class roster to put your name on or if they will do that for you.


If you need to cancel your class registration send an email to the individual instructor. They will tell you their policy on refunding your tuition and/or rescheduling your class.

  • Some classes are offered regularly such as the classes for the blue and red lasers.
  • Others are offered as the instructors are available and the demand for the class dictates.
  • If you would like to take a class which is not currently on the calendar send the listed instructor an email requesting when the class will be offered again.


Class name followed by the member which currently teaches it. If you're interested in one of these classes shoot the instructor and email and ask when the next class will be offered! :-)

3D Printing

  • Basic Class: Ristroph (



  • ARC Welding: Joe Ngo (
  • MIG Welding: Joe Ngo (
  • TIG Welding: Joe Ngo (
  • Oxygen Acetylene Torch: Joe Ngo (
  • Plasma Cutter: Joe Ngo (

Metal Working

  • Metal Lathe: Joe Ngo (
  • Vertical Mill: Joe Ngo (
  • Tormach Class (Must have taken "Manual Milling" class): Eric Peterson (
  • Metal Bandsaw Doall: Joe Ngo (


  • VCarve: Joe Ngo (; Danny Miller (
  • Small CNC: Joe Ngo (
  • Big CNC Class: Danny Miller (; Joe Ngo (


  • Wood Lathe: Scott Wynd (; Antonio Garcia (


  • Industrial Sewing: Zoe Rios (
  • Leather Working: Zoe Rios (
  • Shoe Making: Zoe Rios (

Computer Programming / IT

  • Build an IoT: Nick Crumrine (
  • Cryptocurrency for Business Owners: Nick Crumrine (
  • Python for Data Science: Scott Wynd (; Gunnar Kleemann (
  • Adobe Photoshop: Nick Crumrine (

More classes are being added all the time so check back regularly!


This is a read-only schedule of the classes currently offered at ATXHS. It updates twice each day.