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Private Offices

Any member can work from tables in the Lounge or Classroom, as long as they are available (the Classroom is often reserved for classes). A limited number of restricted-access cubicles are available in a restricted access office.


    • $425.00 per month = $350.00 Private Office + $75.00 Membership
      • Month-to-Month
      • Auto-pay required
      • 30 day termination notice required
    • $375.00 per month = $300.00 Private Office + $75.00 Membership
      • 6 month contract required for private office discount
      • Auto-pay required
      • First and last month are required in advance
    • $325.00 per month ($1,950.00 total) = $250.00 Private Office + $75.00 Membership
      • 6 months paid in full

cubicles form a quiet oasis

ATXHS workshop at the start of your day


  • 6' x 6' cubicle, individual lighting as well as overhead lighting.
  • Cubicles are dedicated, not shared.
  • Cubicle walls are provided.
  • Each cubicle has two wired ethernet ports and outlets, with business class internet 50/5 speed.
  • VOIP can be set up on the cubicle's second wired ethernet port.
  • Dedicated copier/printer/scanner.
  • The private office area is secured so only office holders and ATXHS management have access.
  • Two free 4-hour blocks per month in the conference room; additional time may be scheduled and purchased.
  • Shop facilities available around the clock. Time can be scheduled in advance for laser cutter and 3-D printers.
  • Easy access to lounge and kitchen area.
  • Free coffee and hot/cold bottled water dispenser.
  • One ATX Hackerspace membership is included in the rates above.

For More Information

We are located at 9701 Dessau Road, Building 3, Suite 304, Austin TX 78754.
We hold an Open House every Tuesday between 6-11pm.
Or you may contact the Facilities Director or call 512-501-6806. To learn more about the ATX Hackerspace, start here.