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TK-105 Lathe
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Lathe Operation Class I

In order to begin using the lathe, you must first take the Lathe Operation Class I from one of the ATX members that have been certified to teach the course. The course takes [FIXME: [*hours*]], and has a lab material fee. Once you have taken the course, you can schedule time on and operate the lathe with supervision. For safety reasons, it has been decided that all members must have supervision while operating the lathe until they have passed an advanced operation certification.


The current certified instructors are:

  • Martin Bogomolni
  • Matt Mancuso
  • David Mitchell
  • Jerry Rutherford

Class Syllabus

See the TK-105 Lathe page for general information.

The basic class provides an overview of the machine itself, basic safety, lathe and tool setup, what materials you can and can't use on the lathe in the ATX space, and basics of operation. Techniques include:

  • ...
  • turning
  • facing
  • center drilling
  • boring [maybe for second class - threading should probably be in one of the advanced classes]

Class Materials

You will be provided [FIXME: *some*] (roughly) pieces of material: aluminum, plastic, mild steel.

Reference Materials