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During this global pandemic, we closed temporarily and begun a phased reopening on May 9th, 2020. We entered Phase 3 of our Reopening Plan on July 7 and are now accepting new members. Read more about our Reopening Plan at

Prospective members should join our Discourse Members2B group for information on upcoming orientation sessions.

Email or for assistance.

The information below applies only outside of COVID.

New member?

Come to open house on Tuesday 8PM to midnight or so for key fob & Orientation Class

Join us! Becoming a Member of the ATXHackerspace

Open House

Our weekly Open House at 8pm every Tuesday is a good time to come and get a tour of the space, but visitors are welcome at any of our Public Open Hours.

Becoming a Member

  1. Check out the Membership Handbook: [1]
  2. Sign a Waiver
  3. Join our Discourse at [2]
  4. Pay your first month's membership : Go to -form_down- or consult the Payment methods page.
  5. Get an RFID key fob for 24/7 access by taking the Orientation Class

Canceling you Membership

A link is provided in the invoice emails you get each month. You can also to go



You can come to ATXHS as a visitor and participate in many of our daily activities for free. All visitors must sign a waiver form (available at the front desk) before entering the main space for the first time.

  • Free access to Wifi, Lounge, and Classroom during Open House and events when your sponsoring Hackerspace member is present. Code, relax, work on projects, meet other hackers.
  • May attend events/classes


There are considerable advantages to becoming a member. All the benefits of a Visitor, plus:

  • Has 24x7 access to the space.
  • Has access to tools
  • Has a small amount of personal storage space within the facility (a banker's box or container of equivalent size in the members' storage area).
  • Has access to stocked material.
  • Can bring up to two guests at any time
  • Can participate in all meetings

-- Join the Space Now! - details can be found on the Payment Methods Page --

Member Storage

  • Space for a banker's box ( or closed-lid container of equivalent size 10"x12"x15" ) is included in your membership


  • 6' x 6' cubicle.
  • Cubicles are dedicated, not shared.
  • Cubicle walls are provided.
  • Each cubicle has two wired ethernet ports and outlets.
  • Dedicated copier/printer/scanner in co-working.
  • The co-working area is secured so only co-workers and the Board have access.
    • Currently this is with a regular key for the door, but soon it will be upgraded to read the member key fobs/cards like the main door.
  • Co-workers are allowed to schedule two 4-hour blocks in the classroom per month for use as a conference room (the Director of Education will handle the scheduling for now and classes will take priority).
  • ATX Hackerspace membership is required.
  • Pricing:
    • $425.00 per month = $350.00 Co-Working + $75.00 Membership
      • Month-to-Month
      • Auto-pay required
      • 30 day termination notice required
    • $375.00 per month = $300.00 Co-Working + $75.00 Membership
      • 6 month contract required for co-working discount
      • Auto-pay required
      • First and last month are required in advance
    • $325.00 per month ($1,950.00 total) = $250.00 Co-Working + $75.00 Membership
      • 6 months paid in full

Contact the Board of Directors for more details.