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*[[Cricut]] Expression
*[[Cricut]] Expression
*[[CNC Desk mill]]
*[[CNC Desk mill]]
* Mosaic 3D Printer [[Inventory/10000043]]
* [[Hosted/10000043 | Mosaic 3D Printer]]
* Bill Tyler's Ultimaker [[Inventory/10000042]]
* [[Hosted/10000042 | Bill Tyler's Ultimaker ]]
=== Power tools ===
=== Power tools ===

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ATX HackerSpace Pages relating to
Electronics tools.png
Tools on-site
Grizzly G8689 manual mini-mill
Taig Mini-Mill
TK-105 Lathe
Blue Laser Cutter
MakerBot Replicator
Book Scanner
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What tools are available?

The space already has:

CNC tools

Power tools



  • Workbenches
  • Rolling door
  • Conference room, and a large workshop floor
  • Various electrical configurations with individual breakers
  • Lockable storage spaces
  • Comfy seating and wifi!
  • a server rack, possibly providing access to VMs and a hackable "sandbox"

Tools <100% functional

  • Disk/Belt Sander

Plans are in the Works for:

  • electronics workbench and soldering/prototyping tools

Photos of Tools Pending Descriptions

This page leads to photos of tools pending descriptions and cautions for operation: Tools Pending Description

Photos of Tool Areas for Instruction

This page leads to photos of areas for instruction. The welding table, the crafts area, etc. This section will likely be moved for integration elsewhere: Areas with Tools Pending Description