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What tools are available?

The space already has:

CNC tools

Power tools

  • Grizzly G8689 manual mini-mill
  • Ryobi medium duty band saw
  • Delta 10" miter saw
  • Harbor Freight 10" compound radial arm saw
  • Industrial sewing machine
  • Sawzall
  • Medium duty drill press, variable speed
  • Scroll saw
  • Standard electric drills
  • Hammer Drill


  • Rigol 2-channel occiliscope
  • MIG Welder ( TIG, stored offsite. Contact Martin for more info. )
  • Air compressor
  • TK-450 Lathe
  • Various hand tools


  • Workbenches
  • Rolling door
  • Conference room, and a large workshop floor
  • Various electrical configurations with individual breakers
  • Lockable storage spaces
  • Comfy seating and wifi!
  • a server rack, possibly providing access to VMs and a hackable "sandbox"

Tools <100% functional

Plans are in the Works for:

Until we have more to write about here, this might be a good place to summarize the results of the PUP.

See also the Available Tools list for tools and resources that other members have volunteered as "Available," but are not currently in the space itself.