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  • Martin Bogomolni


Once you have passed the basic Laser Cutter Safety and Operation, if you are interested you can move to more advanced techniques!

  • Working with unusual materials (Leather, Vellum, Marble, Agate, Lace Paper, Cardstock)
  • Using voids, empty, and negative space effectively (glass, acrylic, greeting cards)
  • How to create custom profiles for custom materials
  • Working with Rubber/Silicone, Stamp Carving
  • "3D" engraving techniques (bas relief)
  • "3D" cutting techniques (stacked models)
  • Techniques to get the best Photo Engraving/Halftone/Clipart
  • Scribing and light engraving to make fold/crease lines
  • Layering and working with multiple materials at the same time
  • Techniques for Mass Production on the laser cutter

Class curriculum is based on what the students are interested in, so each Leather and Lace class is custom-fitted to what you'd like to know.


The Laser Operation Class costs $35


Duration 8pm-10pm

Class Size

4 students


Further Information

See the Laser Calendar

Leather, Vellum, Marble, Agate, Lace Paper, Cardstock
See the [Laser Cutter] page for general information.