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ATX Hackerspace Co-Op Orientation Class

Hacktivation is a required course for new members


Like any organization, the ATX Hackerspace Co-Op has a community, and culture that you're becoming a part of. No doubt you have questions, and we have important information to impart to new and existing Patrons and Member-Owners regarding how things get done around here.

Come on over, take a tour have a sit and we'll go over what we think are the most important points and answer any questions.

When and how long?

This 1 hour class is typically run 2 to 3 times a month depending on membership need. The most frequent offerings are Tuesday nights and Saturday afternoons.

To see when the next class is scheduled check out the Class Calender. If you don't see a time that works for you just email our Director of Education and we will work with you to get you Hacktivated.


Why, right here at ATX Hackerspace! 9701 Dessau Road, Building 3, Suite 304, Austin TX 78754


There's also a sit down portion in the classroom, where you'll:

  • Go over the rules of the facility
  • Learn how to activate and deactivate the alarm system
  • Get to know who to contact for various needs
  • Get introduced to our standards for conduct
  • Learn the most important points of how our LLC Co-Op is run
  • Get your questions answered!

There's a tour portion, where you will be taken around the hackerspace and made familiar with where things are.

At the end of the class new members will be isssued a key fob that gives then 24/7 access the the Hackerspace in all it's glory