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  • The suggested donation for beer is $2.
  • Feel free to take a soft drink. They cost us a quarter, but if you feel like putting something in the donation box it's appreciated.
  • The donation box is counted by the treasurer every Tuesday.
  • Money in the jar can be used to make change. Please be kind . . . leave some change for other people.
  • When the drinks run is made, we tend to buy:
Four to six fridge packs of soft drinks (Sprite, Coke, Coke Zero, Dr Pepper, Diet Dr Pepper, maybe something 'weird')
Two cases of beer, generally something like Lone Star, but sometimes something fancier
  • You can buy drinks to add to the fridge! Use the following procedure:
Check that there is enough in the jar to cover a drinks run. Sodas cost about $4-5 per case of 12.
Don't take the money from the jar first. Spend, then get reimbursed.
If there is beer in the fridge, don't buy more. We go through beer pretty slowly.
Print your name on the receipt clearly, and add it to the jar. It's how we balance the account.
Don't use the jar drinks fund for any other purpose! It's to buy drinks.