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Our hackerspace uses a policy of tickets and permits to help curb cruft and facilitate community project storage, while maintaining a system of open communication and establishing points of contact for issues and questions.

Detailed below are the tickets and permits as were defined and unanimously ratified on the 6th of December, 2014

Parking Ticket

The Parking Ticket is a tag to be attached to any object around the space any individual feels is in the improper location (or, more accurately, is improperly stored or left behind). These are available for any member to pick up from a given supply and attach to something.

Every Saturday afternoon, on reliable schedule, the Director of Facilities and/or current members of their designation shall roam the hackerspace, collecting any items marked with a Parking Ticket, and relocate them to a central area. Following collection, a report containing images and brief descriptions of the objects collected will be posted to the mailing list where individuals may claim ownership of their items.

Each item will be permitted a escrow lifetime of two weeks after ingress for a member to pick up their items or make other arrangements for the handling of items. Any items not claimed or otherwise handled will be handled in the chosen manner of the Director of Facilities. Items removed from the escrow section and put back into the hackerspace improperly will be immediately exported upon re-identification during the next collection cycle.

Parking Permit

The Parking Permit is a tag issued by the Director of Facilities and/or current members of their designation, is intended to mark objects and storage with some level of permanence, designed to be a visual exclusion to the Parking Ticket collection cycles.

Objects receiving Parking Permits will never be attached to standard member storage, space-owned tools, or hosted-tools. Parking Permits are most likely to be assigned to: community-approved group/large projects, paid member storage, and in some special cases, temporary space allocated by the Board or Director of Facilities until either a hosting agreement or formal community vote can be achieved.

Out of Order

The Out of Order ticket is a tag intended to communicate the status of a potentially-malfunctioning or nonfunctional tool or object in the hackerspace. Like the parking ticket, they are available for any member to pick up from a given supply and assign to an object.

The tag on the device itself is intended to communicate the status to other members who either do not read the mailing-list or have not otherwise been informed yet of the tool's status. Individuals assigning an Out of Order tag are (hopefully) expected to notify the mailing list and the Director of Facilities of the incident, who is likewise expected to follow-up with the reporter and the membership. Additionally, only the Director of Facilities or someone of their designation to inspect the specific tool in question may remove the tag and clear the tool for general-use.