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I am a traveller and a multiculturalist. I’ve spent most of my adult life either travelling or living in foreign countries.

I am a game designer, I love the mechanics of interaction between a media and its audience and to involve the audience in immersive, personal stories.

I am a “Deducer" (as I have been called). I like processes, I believe they are how you bring quality to any endeavours. Processes don’t need to be complicated, but they should be here to reduce our mental load and give more time to think, talk, share, create, etc…

In the end, I am an adventurer. I love venturing into unknown spaces and exploring innovative concepts. I learned a lot these last years on how to bring deeply innovative concepts to life; every step from conception to shipping and live. I learned some pitfalls to avoid (by falling myself in them most of the time) and some best practices. How to stay small and lean to maximize the time to find, define and polish the core of an experience and then how to scale up to full production.

Today, my new venture is to bring my experience in game design and video game development to the real world as a tool to bring people together; So I’m looking in anything from interactive theatre, to augmented reality, passing by escape rooms, alternate reality games, etc...

I'm looking for meeting people and find a crew to bring to this world deep, life-changing, defining experiences.

I recently co-founded Two Cents Interactive in Austin, Texas to explore Augmented Reality, Live interactive experiences and Interactive Storytelling.