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Rob Williams (or a replacement)


A class that provides the important information for ATX Hackerspace Members (Patrons and Member-Owners).


  • How the organization is run
  • Communications away from the Space
  • Rules for tools & Shop Etiquette
  • etc.


Cost: Free


Frequency: Once a week, Tuesdays at 7pm; email if you need arrangements for another time.

Class Size

20 max


You should have signed up via the link on the front page, but if you had problems with that come to the class anyway and we will sort it out there.

Further Information

This class is mandatory for new members before they get their access card/fob. The curriculum for this class is managed in a google docs and shouldn't be changed except by the Director of Education or whoever is running the class, but a pdf export of the slides (valid as of 15 Feb 2013) is here: