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(Who We Are, What We Do)
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===Work area===
===Work area===
===URL and Mailing List===
===URL and Mailing List===

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Who We Are, What We Do

We are a newbie-friendly group of Linux promoters and enthusiasts who help newer members learn about Linux. Our meetings are low-key. Bring your laptop and ask questions or hang out. We're here to help, or quietly hang together working on separate projects, or simply enjoy each other's newest finds.

The Austin Linux Enthusiasts (ALE) has been around for 15 years, meeting at other locations previous to our new home at ATX Hackerspace. Anyone can become a member by attending. All are welcome.

Contact Information

Lead / Co-Hosts

Rob Ristroph and Thomas Elrod

Meeting Time

Wednesdays 8-11pm and often later

Work area


URL and Mailing List


To join the mailing list: Send Mail