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Executive Director Election 2014

This election will be resolved by instant runoff voting
Due to restrictions in Helios, all options must be exhaustively listed on the ballot

Polls open at 12:00 on 2/17/2013 (noon Monday)
Polls close at 12:00 on 2/22/2013 (Noon Saturday)

Please see candidate interviews

Danny Miller Gardner Williams Group interview


Position Candidate Votes
Executive Director Danny > Gardner 14
Executive Director Gardner > Danny 13
Executive Director Danny Miller 1
Executive Director Gardner Williams 8
Executive Director No acceptable candidates 2

Total voters: 51 Submitted votes: 38 Absolute Majority: 26

As primary choice: Danny 15, Gardner 22
no majority via primary choice, Danny > Gardner votes transferred
IRV Winner: Gardner Williams, 35 votes (14+13+8)