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Here is our more-or-less official Google Calendar

If you have joined our Austin Hackerspace Google Group, you should already have access to add events and share this calendar with others. (If not, give the Secretary of the Board a nudge.) To add this calendar to your Google calendars, click the button on the bottom right corner of the calendar below.

We realize that some of you may not use Google accounts. If you are unable to add events to the calendar, please email the Secretary of the Board with all the information for your event.


Some people like to spruce up the description sections for their event, and Google Calendar does allow html. However, editing an event description a subsequent time will eliminate any html added! To avoid frustrations (and possible tarrin'n'feathering if it wasn't your event), click on the event here first, select the description text, then right-click on it and select “View Selection Source” to retrieve the html before going back into Google Calendar to edit.