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We are a Cooperative!

This is the big announcement

What is a Cooperative?

A Cooperative is a democratically organized, member owned and operated business.

The International Cooperative Alliance says it best

How does operating as a Cooperative affect ATX Hackerspace?

The primary effect is to enable shared ownership of the space. Every member has the opportunity to own a little piece of the enterprise we share together. Shared investment, shared risk, and shared control are cornerstones of what it means to join a Cooperative. It is truly "we're all in this together"

With that said, you aren't required to be a member in order to enjoy use of the facilities.

How do people participate in the cooperative?

Patrons pay monthly dues, conferring use & access equivalent to a members except...
Members both pay dues and own part of the hackerspace, conferring voting rights and the right to hold office
Investors own a part of the space, conferring no use or access rights. They can vote but not hold office

How was this organization type chosen?

We considered the option as part of The Future of The Space Committee meetings intended to re-organize the hackerspace.
Many of our members felt disenfranchised, divorced from decision-making, and shut out. This was the best step in a new direction found.
In the end we voted to incorporate the Cooperative model into our existing LLC - to preserve continuity and maintain flexibility.

This is the first Cooperative LLC in Texas (that we and our lawyers know of)
That entailed quite a bit of legal work, for which we can't thank MWR Legal enough.