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If you are in the Google Group for ATX Hackerspace, you will be able to edit this calendar:

  • Please be careful, don't delete other people's hard reservations
  • Please don't edit THIS PAGE. The google calendar embed code is a little "touchy"
  • Only ONE 2 hr hard reservation per day per machine
  • Only ONE hard reservation anywhere on the calendar at any given time per machine
  • You can add a second 2 hr "bumpable" slot immediately after your hard reservation. This is not a hard reservation and may be deleted if someone needs to put their hard reservation in that timeslot
  • No limitation on laser usage without a reservation as long as no one else has it reserved, and you must politely shut down, clean, and step aside if someone asks for time.

Do not use the laser calendar entries for commentary : A replacement booking system is being evaluated now.

Further instructions on how to Add a Reservation to the Laser Calendar?

Laser Cutter Reservation Calendar