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Below are members sorted alphabetically according to first name. Putting a profile on this page is voluntary, but helpful in letting your fellow hacker know who you are and what kinds of things you're interested in.

(Note: If you cant add yourself alphabetically, Very Bad Things™ will happen.)

Any member is probably happy to help or answer questions, but our Directors are especially good to contact in case of any problems or sensitive questions, especially the Director of HR.

Board of Directors [edit]

Kye mug.PNG Kye Flannery
Executive Director
RD mug.png R.D. Childers
Director of Operations
Flippest mug.png Philip "Flip" Kromer
Director of Human Resources
Drew250.png Drew Montgomery
Director of Education
Eric250.png Eric Peterson
Director of Facilities
ValWood250.png Valerie Grace
Director of Administration
Joe Ngo.png Joe Ngo
Director of Public Relations

Our Denizens

Danny Miller.png Danny Miller

Our Founders

Board Martin Bogomolni.jpg Martin Bogomolni
Person-outline.png Ratha Grimes
Person-outline.png Matt McCabe
Person-outline.png Mike Rich

If members wish to provide public contact information, you can find it on their "User:" page by clicking on their names below:

Our Co-Op Owners

  • Encenito Acedillo
  • John Berlakovich@
  • Martin Bogomolni
  • Eric Blount
  • Angie Bonser
  • Paul Bonser
  • Derek Bridges
  • Marina Braverman@
  • Brent Burton
  • Aaron Choate
  • Richard Clark@
  • Tom Davidson@
  • Mert Eastman
  • Michelle Elbert
  • Cara Fealy-Choate
  • Chad Franke
  • Vladimir Garner
  • Andrew Harris@
  • Andy Howell@
  • Jonathan Kelly
  • Mandie Kramer@
  • Matthew Ludlum
  • Matt Mancuso
  • Matt McCabe
  • Roland McIntosh
  • Chris McLaughlin
  • David Mitchell
  • Evelyn Nelson
  • Karl Pauls@
  • Marshall Peck
  • Mike Rich
  • Jessica Ross
  • Joe Saunders
  • Scott Saunders
  • Michael Smith
  • Patricia Swarin
  • Douglas Swarin
  • Marshall Vaughan
  • John Wiggins
  • Gardner Williams

Members and Patrons Personal Pages