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* Schedule to install the Security Cameras
** All ordered components are now in the ATX Hackerspace Office
* State of the front door, schedule to install push bar + card reader on Reception Door
** In theory we have all the parts in the hackerspace now
* Shop Air Kit
** Purchased from Northern Tool, expected arrival date this Friday or this coming Monday
** BIG kit ( hundreds of pounds ) needs a truck for pick-up at the store. Pipes are very long.
* SawStop : Brake Cartridge Fired -- new blade + cartridge needed
** Purchase a cartridge ( ~$80 ) to keep on standby
** Purchase a blade ( ~$30-60 ) to keep on standby
** Should we have mandatory training / key-lock-out for the SawStop?  This is getting expensive in time/money.
* Dan DeFellipi @driverdan is now the defacto "Door Access Software" lead.
** Slack channel for coordination is #access-control
** Looking at fixing current software, and next-gen issues
** Stay compatible with the current keyfobs
** Goal is access locks on doors + Shop entry door + Bio Lab, some cabinets, some tools
* Vehicle Parking Issues at the Space
** We have a Parking Policy : Vehicles and Vehicle Projects
*** be authorized in writing by Danny Miller ( Director of Facilities )
*** be actively worked on, daily
*** be operable/moveable and currently registered
*** '''unpermitted''' member vehicles cannot be <s>parked longer than 24 hours</s> '''left while you are not here'''
*** must not obstruct a door/parkway/roadway
*** must be parked in an ATXHS parking spot only.
*** must not be in handicapped space without appropriate state-issued permit.  '''A vehicle with ATXHS-issued project permit must not be in the handicapped space even with the appropriate state permit.'''   
** Any vehicles in violation of this policy will get a [[VehicleTicket | Vehicle Ticket]] and be towed after 72 hours
* Andrew Cottrell is running for the currently vacant position of Director of Administration.  We need a second, and a vote.
<hr width=70%>
* Brad Selph proposes:
** I want to propose making a drying rack so we can free up limited table space. I have calculated the cost of this project to cost $210 + TAX from Home Depot. The drying rack can also be moded to have a dedicated charging station, clamp storage on the side & broom storage.
** The drying rack will be approximately 6' high,8' long, and 4' deep, have adjustable shelving.
<hr width=70%>
* So that we can move expeditiously on items like purchasing equipment, perform electrical and structural renovations, improve the space by paying contractors to do work, and generally have more flexibility to match our income and our need to grow, Martin Bogomolni proposed to amend the OA regarding Board Expenditures on the Members Mailing List as follows:
** 3.1(b):
*** Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions of Section 3.1(a), the approval of the Class B Members shall be required prior to the Company taking any action requiring the expenditure of more than five hundred dollars ( $500 ) of Company cash in any single, or series of related transactions.
*** Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions of Section 3.1(a), the approval of the Class B Members shall be required prior to the Company taking any action requiring the expenditure of more than Four Thousand ( $4000 ) of Company cash in any single, or series of related transactions in a fiscal year.  Expenditures at or above five hundred dollars ( $500 ) of Company cash up to the aforementioned limit in any single, or series of related transactions in a fiscal year require the approval of the majority of the Board of Directors.  Expenditures below five hundred dollars ( $500 ) of Company cash and above the petty cash policy of one hundred fifty ( $150 ) in any single, or series of related transactions in a fiscal year and the signed written approval of two other board members.
<hr width=70%>
* Since ATX Hackerspace is growing rapidly ( 40+ people in the last couple weeks! ) and our laser cutters are currently quite used and scheduled heavily, Martin Bogomolni proposed we rent the Epilog Legend EXT36 75W Laser for Six Months w/ Purchase Option on the Members Mailing List as follows:
** Martin Bogomolni has a laser cutter in pristine condition, with a fresh new laser tube w/ 2 year warranty, brand new honeycomb bed, and brand new engraving bed.  It uses Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, and the printer has built-in memory so jobs can be spooled to it like any network printer.
** The proposal is that the hackerspace rent the laser cutter for six months at $350/mo.
*** ATXHS has a purchase option for $14,400 when the rental period ends. The Hackerspace will need to purchase it using a lease from a lender ( ~$400/mo - 48 mo )
*** If ATXHS chooses not to purchase the laser, it will be returned to Martin in the same clean condition it was brought in, with a new honeycomb, and ready for immediate use.
** The hackerspace is responsible for all costs and maintenance while renting the printer, including
*** professional transportation of the laser to/from the facility
*** providing clean, humidity free, regulated air for the air assist
*** providing proper ducting and a venting fan for the laser cutter to Epilog specifications ( 800 CFM at 6” of static pressure )
*** cleaning and maintaining the laser to a high standard ( daily maintenance / weekly cleaning / monthly deep clean )
** [https://www.epiloglaser.com/products/l36ext-techspecs.htm Information on the Legend 36EXT]
To use the Epilog requires a class on it's operation and use, and the course and handout materials are ready.  Martin / Rob / Harlan will teach the first classes.
<hr width=70%>
* Again, since we are growing rapidly, and our lasers are being used constantly, Brad Selph proposes that we purchase his 130W laser as follows:
** Brad Selph has a 2'x3' bed, Chinese glass-tube laser cutter in nearly new condition.  He proposes that the ATX Hackerspace purchase the laser cutter in full for $5000 plus 1 year of membership in the space at the student rate.
** Brad has a truck and will bring the laser to the shop for the cost of renting the trailer.
** Included in the sale of the laser cutter
*** Tube is new and has ~150 hours of time on it.  The tubes last between 3000 and 8000 hours of use ( usually about a year of constant use )
*** The bed is 2' x 3' and there are two extra, smaller honeycomb beds included
*** [https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rotary-Attachment-Cylinder-CO2-Laser-Engraver-Cutter-Engraving-Cutting-Machine/253191649836?epid=28002685208&hash=item3af365fa2c:g:XWQAAOSwWTRWzSTX Rotary Attachment ]
*** Spare Parts ( mirror & lens )
*** [https://www.pennstateind.com/store/DC3XX.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI8uOm_sDv1wIVGZ7ACh0IowVSEAYYASABEgIYCvD_BwE Original blower that came with system]
*** Original hoses and ducting that came with system
*** Required water pump needed to keep the laser cool.  It's a fan/heat exchanger, not a chiller.
*** [http://shenhuilaser.en.alibaba.com/product/60405895453-803967067/Factory_supply_Wood_Fabric_Acrylic_Leather_MDF_Plywood_CNC_CO2_laser_cutting_machine_price.html Laser Cutter Information Page]
To use the 130W laser cutter requires a class on it's operation and use as it is different than the others in the space.  Brad will teach the first classes, and it will require new class materials to be written, and a new handout.
<hr width=70%>
* Brad Selph proposes
** Purchase a Replicator 2X Experimental ( new, in box, no modifications or upgrades ) for $1500.
*** Retail value was $2499 new
*** eBay value is ~$900-$1500 for similar units
*** Willing to break it into payments
*** [https://store.makerbot.com/printers/replicator2x/ Makerbot Website for Replicator 2X]
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[[Agenda_Items/Archived|Archived Items]]

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