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I have recently moved to Austin and I am looking to begin my welding career. I have substantial knowledge in the processes of: MIG, TIG, Stick, Oxy-acetylene and brazing; my preference being TIG. I was a newbie when I began my program back in Michigan at Lansing Community College, but I was unable to complete said program due to my move. I have all of the proper PPE and well aware of the risks.

I am hoping to find a place where I could maybe practice some because I do not have a TIG machine. I have looked all throughout the Austin area for a shop to give me a chance, but I do know that I must sharpen my welding ability some, IE: booth time. I recently came across your facility and was curious as to what you could offer. My email is listed above and my number is 517.812.5016. Thanks so much!!

Justin Nemeth