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What is ATX Hackerspace?

We are a collaborative industrial workshop full of people who love to learn and make things! ATX Hackerspace can be found at:

9701 Dessau Road, Building 3, Suite 304, Austin TX 78754

We have over 8,000 square feet of space that is perfect for artists, designers, engineers, makers and hackers, fabbers, scientists, musicians, seminars and workshops, co-working, and a ton of other stuff. We're the perfect place for any project that needs space, involves loud or messy equipment (woodworking, soldering, welding, painting), power (we have 120V, 240V, and 3-phase power), tools that are too expensive or large for your own workshop ( see our laser cutters, CNC mills, and 3D printers ) or meeting with collaborators.

More importantly, we are an established and ever-growing community. Imagine what we can do when we combine our skills, knowledge, ideas, tools, and materials... or see for yourself at our next Open House, every Tuesday evening from 6-10pm.

We're hackers (thoroughly defined here), which means we create things and we put things together in new and innovative ways. ATX Hackerspace is dedicated to encouraging and promoting technical, scientific, and artistic skills through projects, collaboration, and education by all legal means.

Hours and Events

Co-Op members and patrons are given 24-hour access and may bring up to two guests to the space at any time.

Visitors are welcome to attend our Open House -- every Tuesday evening from 8-11pm -- or any of the open events on our Calendar. Check out our Events page for a full list of upcoming events!

If you'd like to check out the hackerspace at any other time, please join our mailing list and post a message asking someone to be your host. One or two days advance notice is best. You may also ask through our IRC channel and our Forum.

Contact Us

  • Start discussions or suggest projects on our Mailing Lists
  • Join our Forum to post topics and review past discussions
  • Join a live discussion on our IRC channel
  • Hang out with us on Facebook and Google+

Contact our Board of Directors for any questions you may have.

Co-Working Rentals

Get Your Own Co-Working Space!

Prices starting at $325.00 a month, including monthly membership

ATX Hackerspace's new co-working area provides something new in Austin. Here you have a union of dedicated office spaces with 24/7 access to cutting-edge protoyping and traditional crafting methodologies. Small business owners, independent professionals, startup companies, or people who just need their own space are a great match with our location, infrastructure and network of fellow innovators.

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