How to Join ATX Hackerspace

ATX Hackerspace offers 8,000sf of creative opportunities and awesomeness, but has no paid employees. So protecting equipment, maintaining safety and achieving workshop harmony requires members to follow certain procedures and adhere to some basic operating guidelines. That’s why we ask all prospective members to attend an online New Member Orientation followed by an in-person Facility & Safety Tour. Both of these orientation events are free, required, and offered on a regular basis. Please contact our membership team if you have any questions.

Steps to Membership


  1. Register for an online New Member Orientation session. This is a required 1 hour Zoom orientation where we discuss some of the basics of ATX Hackerspace – things like basic shop rules, how to schedule shop time, etc.
  2. Sign Waivers & Purchase Membership. All waivers must be signed and a membership must be purchased before joining a Facility & Safety Tour.
  3. Register for an in-person Facility & Safety Tour. This is a required 30 minute tour of the entire workshop and focuses on the nuts and bolts of using the space – where to park, where to take trash, how to operate the dust collector and more.
  4. Get a key fob. Key fobs are issued to new members at the end of the Facility & Safety Tour. A key fob allows members to access the facility during appointments that are booked using Skedda, a cloud-based scheduling app.
  5. Take a Class. Most of our specialty shops require that members take an introduction or safety class prior to use. For example, we require that all members take a Woodshop Safety class before using the Woodshop, regardless of experience level. Why? Because we’re a community workshop and it’s important for everyone to understand our safety expectations, as well as information that might be specific to our Woodshop – the dust collection system, where we store our dado stacks, etc.
  6. Start Making. The ATX Hackerspace facility is your oyster – enjoy!

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