4-feet wide printers

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Canon Stylus IPF-8000

These items are no longer at the Hackerspace. If you are interested in getting some large format color printers, start a thread about it on the mailing list and maybe we can purchase one if there is interest.


Intention is to use it as freely as possible, being aware it's quite expensive. traning required? pay-as-you-use? TBD


Kevin says it's about $3 per foot, 4 feet wide full color.

Full set of ink recharges appears to be about $1,200.

It might be we have enough parts/ink to get at least one operational without spending too much, might need short term special chips that sense ink, @ ~$16 ea


Yama is point person until someone else appointed.

Fixin' to build team



origin, ownership

gift from Kevin F. to Yama, with mutual intention they be primarily used by HS and other parties. Certainly the one in best operational shape would pass to full ownership with HS (not a hosted tool), Yama requested to keep one, the rest to be discussed. One is known dead (Missing MB).

Huge thanks to Angie and Chris that helped bring the things