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Floor Plan Proposal

We propose that we submit the following floor plan to be voted on by the membership.
It is the yellow line plan. It has the spots for a co-working, clean workshop, dirty workshop, a large classroom, kitchen and lounge areas, server room, and a reception area.

If approved, we will take these plans directly to HPI. HPI has asked us not to pull permits ourselves and go through them for contractors. We would ask HPI to bid the plans out to their general contractors and have the contractors give the plans a review. Then, HPI will report back to us with bids and information. We will then pick the best offer.

If no bid is acceptable to us, we will pursue options involving a more DIY method to be completed by the membership.

If HPI has changed their mind and decides that they would prefer us to do it the traditional route and pull permits and such, we will find someone to review the plans and make sure they are up to code. We would then ask for bids from our own list of contractors.


Large Classroom: The large classroom will have 8’ ceilings. In the future, once funding has become available, divider walls will be added so that it can be further subdivided into 3 small classrooms when called upon.

Workshops: The dividing wall between the workshops will be to the ceiling

Co-working: The co-working space will have 8’ ceilings.

Storage Loft: A second floor storage loft is not viable with the budget right now, but this tentative floor plan does allow for various after-the-fact second-floor additions later down the road, once funds are available. One potential storage loft plan is a 30’x10’ post-and-beam structure that sits above the classrooms, between the structural roof beam, and the A/C venting. There are multiple areas for a stairway, including a post-and-beam stairwell to the left of the bathrooms.

Who is in charge of implementing this proposal? Tim, Director of Facilities

Does this proposal delegate any authority to spend money? No. A further submission to the members for a budget will be presented once we have bids.