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Keepers of yon hoary hoard: Paul Bonser, Yama Ploskonka (AKA Leads/sponsors))

Melee upon thi fielde ov discuourse hither:[[1]]

suggested policy

there shalt be a shelf, and Hackshelf it be named.

there shalt also be another shelf, as Holding/Receiving be it known, and it shalt be home to Unphinished Projekts and Dead Projekts and Abandoned and such like, and also to Donations, And Holding/Receiving be extended to a Territory and not just a shelf.

And moreover, a Worthy Shelf shalt also exist, sacred to those anointed.

And it shall be thus: when a Donation arrives, it shalt be confined to the Holding/Receiving, that it might not Contaminate the Space with its messiness, and labelled with a date, yellow in color or with such Markings as to identify it well as Recent Arrival. Within Half a Moon, and certainly no more than one full Moon, anything meritorious of such Elevation in the Holding/Receiving shalt be Saved and Protekted by Transfer to the Worthy Shelf. What ever hath spent its Time in the Holding/Receiving and were not elevated, will be sent to the Hackshelf with no further delay, and take its chances thereto.

Anything in the Hackshelf shalt remain there until the end of the Month, but no less than half a Moon, that being two Common Weeks, and then Die the Death if it were not earlier taken into his or her bossom by a Common Member or a Fancy member, to do as he or she pleases.

Objekts in the Holding/Receiving shalt not be taken in this manner by members, but only be either Elevated or remanded to the Hackshelf wne its Time be spent.

Objekts Elevated to the Worthy Shelf shalt remain there until they be sorted and Lokated in suitable ideal Places. It be Pestilence if the Worthy Shelf hath too much Stuff, it being Indikator of lack of Excellence. Objekts to be Kept should be in Their Places, or Disposed of back to the Hackshelf, not piled up in the Worthy Shelf. Like-wise for the Holding/Receiving, Donations being Turned Away tp Despair if it were too full.

There being Dead Projekts and Abandonned and Unphinished and such Stillborn Hacks, they shall be sent to the Holding/Receiving if their Owners not be found quickly, and from there be either Elevated if they be Chosen, or defenestrated to the Hackshelf if of lesser import.

Colors shalt be Orange for the Worthy Shelf, Yellow for the Holding/Receiving, Green for the Hackshelf, and any Member shalt be allowed to take anything from the Hackshelf for his or her own use, but that in the Worthy Shelf be used only for Hacks within the Space itself ir those of Import as shalt be decided.

Ans there shalt be much rejoicing.

Yamaplos (talk) 22:25, 8 October 2013 (CDT)

image source:‎ Yamaplos (talk) 18:23, 8 October 2013 (CDT)