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Proposal Only - here for reference when voting

Discussion of this proposal can be found on our Discourse at

Hackerspace Responsibilities During COVID-19 Orders

   An impending emergency prompted the Hackerspace board to close the
   facility prior to official government orders, in a not regularly
   scheduled meeting sometime the week of March 13th for which there
   currently exist no minutes ( ),
   The Texas Governor's executive order GA-23,
   is now in force, and containing the
   language "15. Non-CISA manufacturing services, for facilities that
   operate at up to 25 percent of the total listed occupancy of the facility"
   Travis county "Stay at Home" order
   is now in force, and contains guidance on when to wear face masks,
   including the language "When leaving one's residence, all persons
   over the age of ten (10) should wear some form of covering over
   their nose and mouth, such as a homemade mask, scarf, bandana, or
   handkerchief, except when
   1 Alone in a separate single space, whether indoor or outdoor,
   2 In the presence only of other members of one's household or
   residence whether inside or outside the residence,
   3 When doing so poses a greater mental or physical health, safety or security risk",
   Travis county "Stay at Home" order
   ( ) is now in force,
   and contains the language "While violation of this order is a criminal offense, except as
   otherwise provided heren, enforcement of this order is substantially reliant on self-regulation",
   The ATX Hackerspace LLC has no guardianship or other relationship
   with any members or other person to be in position to evaluate their
   mental of physical health,
   City of Austin "Stay at Home" order has been renewed until June 15th,
   and contains much the same guidance,
   The ATX Hackerspace LLC Operating Agreement
   ( )
   contains the language "The purposes and character of the business
   of the Company shall be to accomplish any or all lawful business"
   and unlawful business cannot therefore have the protection of
   limited liability from the Corporation, 
   The ATX Hackerspace is only open to membership of adults of 18 years
   of age or older,
 Resolved, that it is the sense of the majority of the class B members,
 That the Hackerspace doors be returned to key fob operating status and not physically locked,
 That every person at the Hackerspace premises be solely responsible for assuring their own activity is legal under the various orders, and that any guests be the full responsibility of the hosting member in accordance with existing guest policies,
 That all members and guests are required to follow best practices as outlined by CDC and local authorities including: don’t go to the hackerspace if you’re sick, wash hands regularly, sanitize tools, minimize time you’re close to other people (social distancing) and wear a mask when you’re close to other people,
 That the total number of people allowed at one time in the ATX Hackerspace is restricted to 25% of the Occupancy Load as determined by the City of Austin,
 That these restrictions will expire on August 1st.