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Proposal: That the ATX Hackerspace buy the ULS XL12000 laser for a flat fee of $11880.00, payable at $330.00 per month over 36 months.

  • Payment is to be made by the 15th of each month or it is considered missed.
    • Up to 6 payments may be missed and added on to the end of the payment period (going up to 42 months).
    • More than 6 missed payments would be considered breach of contract.
  • Ownership is retained by the Sellers until all payments are complete.
  • Cost of maintenance and repairs will be the responsibility of the ATX Hackerspace.
    • The maintenance and repairs will be done only by persons authorized by the Sellers.
  • The initial location and operational setup of the laser will be decided by the Director of Facilities.

The Sellers who jointly own the ULS XL12000 are: Clio Dunn, Hans Loeblich, Matt Mancuso, Chris McLaughlin, Robert Ristroph, Dustin Silverman.