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Show & Tell Night & Competition

  • Proposed by Matt Printz
  • Discussion thread here


To increase engagement, show off the amazing things going on a the space, and help promote membership growth and retention I propose the following (with the expectation that further improvements/amendments will be made):

1) Every first and third Tuesday of the month or more frequently based on interest and availability, to coincide with the open house, the space hosts Show and Tell night, in which one or more member presents a project to the membership and visitors.

2) On a quarterly basis, a vote will be taken by the membership to determine the "best"* project, and an award** and prize*** will be bestowed upon member(s) who presented the project.


We should be showcasing what makes the space awesome and the awesome things that are going on at the space. What better way to do that is there than to show what you're working on, and tell people about it?

Visitors are more likely to join up when their imagination is sparked, and this can do that.

Having folks performing Show and Tell will help ensure that visitors have someone to talk to and a clear avenue for engagement when they enter.

This can help people looking for assistance with their project. The Arthur robot project might be a good candidate for this exposure. If the guys behind that are displaying, they can ask people if they are interested in joining, and get engagement right there. Nothing like a face to face chat to work those things out.

Providing recognition and prizes should help encourage members to present, ensuring that we have enough projects for display.


  • Projects do not need to be finished to be shown.
  • Need some system (wiki? calendar?) to ensure that presenters are filling every slot and not double-booking.
  • Projects can only be presented once per quarter, but can be presented in subsequent quarters with no limit.
  • Projects can be of any type, as long as it's something that can be "shown". (No just talking about what you're GOING to do)
  • Criteria for judging to be determined, and can shift from quarter to quarter if desired.
  • Award should be something of low monetary value, but something held in high esteem by the membership.
  • Prize to be determined. Should be something of monetary value, but probably not just cash.