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Temporary Member Rate Increase

Sponsor:Martin Bogomolni

Financial facts:
In light of our $1800+ monthly shortfall and lack of buffering funds see Budget Page
We require additional funds by Nov 15th of 2013, or we will be forced to default on payments or pay with credit.

We need additional recurring income for a limited period
Optimally we will return to zero losses in a few months
We anticipate further income from storage, coworking, and new membership
...but this will *not* come in time to pay bills next month, and will be sufficient to maintain positive cash-flow in the next few months

an additional temporary fee of $10, raising all membership rates, added to auto-pay for a period of three months. Contracted rates (EG yearly and corporate are locked in)

Q: Will this affect autopaying members?
A: It will affect autopaying members, but it will not require re-authorization of auto-pay

Q: When will this take effect?
A: Nov 1st, with November dues

Q: Can we raise revenue through alternative methods?
A: Yes, but not quickly or reliably enough.