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New Location Build-Out

New Location Build-Out items TBA

Layout and placement of items

NEW PLAN NEEDS TO BE UPLOADED Note: This plan is highly subject to feedback and change. Check back frequently

Committee Laundry-list

  • Install strike plates and door system - ACDC (see Tim or Martin)
  • Install server rack and related computers - Networking Committee (see Tim)
  • Procure 'fat pipe' internets service - Networking Committee (see Tim or Danny)
  • Move and organize hand and power tools - Tool Committee (see Matt or Danny)
  • Collect payments and organize space for Coworking space (see Matt or Tim)
  • Basic questions regarding any of the above - ATX board (see Marshall, Jon, or Matt)

Contractor Laundry-list

General Contractor

note: ceiling tile and batting/insulation may be viable volunteer labor task

  • Demo roll up doors and interior walls
  • Drywall and spackle demolished walls
  • Replace old ceiling tile, replace batting/insulation in areas of damaged tile


  • marking off and installing a code-compliant ramp for the ADA parking space


note: Carpet and carpet glue removal may be viable volunteer labor task

  • Cutting the carpet, cleaning the foor, and anchoring the carpet correctly, so that we can install laminate flooring for the kitchen. 146-sqft
  • Cutting the carpet, cleaning the floor in the server room to allow us to drill and install racks and cabling
  • Cutting the carpet, cleaning & polishing the floor in the workshop area with densifier


  • installing the correct 240v plugs for an electric range (exact placement to be delivered)
  • installing a vent, and 110v outlet in the roof ready for attachment to our over-range vent hood
  • installing the correct 240v plug for a dryer near the washer area
  • installing GFI plugs for kitchen, bathrooms, and near-water areas around the washer


  • plumbing in the drain and hot/cold taps for the washer
  • plumbing in the drain, hot/cold taps for the kitchen sink
  • plumbing in a box for cold water for the fridge (and possibly water cooler)
  • installing ADA compliant fixtures and spacing for the bathrooms
  • installing new sinks, low-flow toilets and fixtures in all bathrooms
  • installing a commercial wet tile floor and floor drain in all bathrooms
  • installing the drain and plumbing for the shower in the second bathroom


  • installing a 12" vent in the roof for a roof fan over the dirty shop area
  • installing same with fan for kitchen area
  • installing vent with extraction fan for the laser cutter room

Air Conditioning

  • Check-up and inspection - all four units