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We welcome and encourage visitors at the space. In fact, coming to the space and meeting members is the best path to ultimately becoming a member!

At various times during the week we have public events going on at the space with open hours. These hours are usually posted on the Calendar.

If you've never been to the space before, the best time to visit is during our weekly open house. Open house is held every Tuesday evening, from 8 - 11pm. Note that our weekly member meeting also takes place on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday night, typically between 7:30 - 8pm. Visitors are welcome to come and check out the weekly meeting.

Each member in good standing can admit two (2) guests to the space. It is the responsibility of the member to ensure that guests don't disrupt the space or otherwise behave in a non-Excellent manner. Each member must be present to supervise his/her guests at all times. Exceptions to the two guests per member policy include: open house night, and special events (approved by the membership, hosted by a member)