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(This policy was approved and adopted at a meeting of the membership on February 5th 2013)
Archival information regarding development of this policy is available
From this date forward old members are requested to take a yearly refresher course.
for new members: ATXHS 101 Class shall be require to activate Access Cards

Implementation of this policy is delegated to our Class Committee chaired by our Director of Education
Click through and view the class calendar and curriculum for details

ATXHS101 "Hacktivation"

All members shall take a short course covering the following subjects ( hackerspace 101 ), before having their hackerspace memberships activated, and receiving a keyfob/card to the space in order to:

  • Promote a culture of excellence
  • Get new members to meet and mix with everyone
  • Familiarize both new and old members with current events/policy
  • Orient new members to some of the procedures of atx hackerspace
  • Lower our insurance premiums

What does it mean to "be excellent"?

  • It means treating everyone and everything in the space with respect, and courtesy.
  • It means presenting yourself to the hackerspace and others in the community with a high standard of behavior.
  • It means holding to the policies and bylaws of ATX Hackerspace when acting in the name of the space.
  • It means being a positive contributor to the community you've joined, and an ambassador to those outside our community.
  • It means keeping shared space uncluttered and in good order by packing out what you pack in and cleaning up

How is the Hackerspace organized?

  • Directors / Hackerspace members / Patrons / Investors
  • How to become a Hackerspace member, or Investor
  • Member meetings / BiMonthly / Annual
  • Committees / Groups
  • Who to talk to, about what, and how.

How to join in, and participate with, the hackerspace.

  • Events, regular and special
  • Calendar, using and adding items
  • Event sign-ups
  • Classes / Class Sign-Ups
  • Using ATXHS Hackerspace resources

Where the wiki is, how to use it.

Where the mailing lists are, how to use them.

Where the forum and other resources are, how to use them.

What chores and tasks members are expected to take care of.

  • Trash
  • Cleaning up after you're done using something
  • Putting tools and materials in the right place
  • Volunteering for Outreach / Front Desk / Etc.

Finish with a tour of the hackerspace, finish with activating the keycard or new keyfob.