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If you have taken the ATXHS 3D printer class you should have access to create events on this calendar. If you should have access and you don't please contact the Director of Education:

  • Please be careful, don't delete other people's entries
  • If you edit an entry, be careful that you don't delete any custom HTML (cut-and-paste may be required)
  • Please don't edit THIS PAGE. The google calendar embed code is a little "touchy"

"Be Excellent", plan your work accordingly.

Reservation Process for the "actual 3D print":

Obtain the estimated print time of your print via Makerware.

If you have a few prints, add up their estimated print time and add 10% to that.

You'll need to add time for your set up before printing and your clean up afterwards.

All these times combined will be your allocated reservation 3D print time for the Replicator calendar below.

When creating an event do the following:
Name of the event: (Enter your name) on R3DP
Select the Calendar: ATX Hackerspace - 3D Printer
Summary Estimated Print Time: xx H xx M
Plus 10% and setup/cleanup time (approx 20m)
thus xxm + 20m = new xx m * 10% new time / 60m == approx xxH reservation
followed by the print job and EPT
Test3D_a.x3g EPT 15m
Test3D_b.x3g EPT 1h15m

See following image:


Class & Reservation Calender