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Nathan Scherrer

  • company: SurfAir Refrigeration and HVAC
  • email:

I am an Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Contractor, type B(under 25 tons) with C endorsement(Combination, environmental air and refrigeration). The majority of my business is commercial refrigeration, but I also do residential and commercial AC/Heating. I have worked on all types of refrigeration systems, from margarita machines on up to huge refrigeration racks in the grocery stores and everything in between.

When I'm outside I enjoy surfing, yes there is surf in Texas. I also rock climb, mostly sport climbing where hangers are bolted into the rock that you clip into with your rope for protection. And four wheel driving. I have a lifted Toyota 4×4 pickup with 35” tires that is awaiting an engine conversion from a 22re four cylinder to a 2jz straight six Supra motor.

I am an electronics hobbyist. I have a couple of Arduinos and a bunch of free samples waiting to be put to use. I built a theremax theremin recently still need to mod it, then learn to play it. If there are any musicians with an oscilloscope out there give me a call.

I am a video game system and cell phone hacker. Soft Modded both my Wii and PS2 to play backup disks and disk images off of external hard drives. Enabled DVD play back on Wii (it has a DVD drive they just didn't want to pay for the licensing so it was disabled in the firmware). Installed linux on Wii (GeexBox) and my PS3 (PsUbuntu). Got my PS3 for free from a friend because it doesn't play blue rays only cd's and DVD's. Bought another PS3 off craigslist for $20 that has a working laser but the power supply and drive mechanism are broken, just need to find the time to switch the laser diodes. I don't have an Xbox 360, but if any one has a broken one to donate I'd by happy to take it off your hands. Flashed new firmware to all of my phones, and put parts from three G1's together to make my wife's phone. Running Cyanogenmod and apps to sd makes G1 usable for lots of things, I believe it can do more.

Some of my planned projects are:

  • mini foundry – for casting my own Aluminum ingots for further milling/machining for custom pasts and pouring casts to hand carve artsy stuff like sculptures and decorative trim
  • Mod Theremin – I don't have enough response from the antenna nor range of pitch. I believe I need to shield the oscillators and do a couple of mods to make it sound right.
  • PS3 repair – combining two broken PS3's to make one working PS3, I don't have any accessories for the PS3 so if everyone came up with controllers, a TV and what not I would not be against leaving it at the hackerspace for everyone to play/hack on.
  • Vac u former – At first I plan on using some cookie sheets welded together to make the frame and chamber then drilling some holes and hooking up my vacuum pump. Then just use a heat gun to warm up the plastic. But eventually replacing it with a small refrigeration compressor and heating elements to make a stand alone unit.
  • Auto belay device – for rock climbing with a rope, but without someone to hold the other end
  • RepRap – Some sort of mendel variation, but I want to build it from scratch using arduinos (or making my own sangruinos) and laser cutting and milling all the parts. I want to use bigger motors and basically bigger and faster everything. Also I would like to look into alternate printing materials like: two part foam, epoxy, concrete, sugar, and anything recycled like soda bottles or grocery bags.
  • Block ice machine – ice maker that make one big ass cube of clear ice like 2'x2'x4' to be made into ice sculptures or build an igloo

Eventual projects:

  • Produce electricity from reclaimed heat produced in mechanical refrigeration to increase efficiency
  • Build custom engine computer for 2jz engine in my truck
  • Alternative means of refrigeration
  • Alternate refrigerants such as Helium
  • cryogenic freezer for temps -40 degrees F & C (I love minus 40 where Fahrenheit and Celsius meet)
  • Wave pool

Classes I would like to see:

  • Arduino 202
  • C programing
  • wifi network security penetration testing
  • CNC milling
  • PCB fabrication
  • Android and hardware interfaces, like controlling robots or thermostats

If you made it this far, I have the hook up on large alternating current motors, capacitors, copper tubing, pneumatics, compressed gasses, and of course AC units at wholesale prices. I am always willing to trade services with people, or walk them trough AC repairs over the phone