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Timur Tabi's Personal Page

3D Printer Notes

To design

  1. "Replicator Dual"
  2. Enable raft if top-heavy or use tape (?)
  3. Keep .x3g filename <= 10 characters
  4. Use Autodesk and Maker Ware Software

To load

  1. Load filament menu
  2. Feed into hole
  3. Let it pull through
  4. Press M to end loading

To prepare

  1. Clean bill plate with acetone
  2. Level bill plate
  3. Utilities -> Level build plate
  4. Take piece of paper - can slide through w/o tearing but can still feel resistance
  5. Use three screws to level. Clockwise looking down raises platform
  6. Test right extruder
  7. To center Home -- press start, then cancel printer

To print

  1. Select Print From SD from menu
  2. Turn off when done

Laser Printer Notes